As a young and inquisitive individual, Hetansh is keen to develop his skills, refine his values, create inspiring visions & contribute to the world.


Discover Hetansh

Hetansh Bhuta is a caring, responsible & dedicated young man with a vision to create an experience of joy, laughter & care for everyone. He enjoys sports, indoor games, good food, travel, movies, studies, learning new things & helping others. Hetansh deeply values family, culture, science, spiritual texts & universal principles of humanity that unite the human race.
Born in 2005, Hetansh has youthful energy, sparkling curiosity, passion to learn & unlimited energy to contribute. He is a quick learner, excellent speaker, empathetic listener, curious observer and strong leader.
Hetansh has travelled to over a dozen countries and he enjoys meeting new people & discovering new cultures. He has profound appreciation for the diversity in nature, diversity in human culture & languages.
Hetansh has always excelled in his studies and achieved consistent top-grades in his academic career. He is an avid sportsman, fitness enthusiast, yoga practitioner and nutrition expert.

Learn From Hetansh

As an expert on international travel, technology, and his favorite academic subjects, Hetansh is ever keen to support others in learning.
Because of his vast travel, consistent participation in cultural programs & understanding of universal human values, Hetansh can help others to learn following subjects:

  • Technology Training.
  • Aspects of Indian Culture & Indian spiritual texts.
  • Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition, Sports
  • Travel in India, International Travel
  • Important values related to discipline, performance & productivity
  • Language
  • Science
  • Maths
  • Planning & Organizing
  • Entrepreneurship
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Teach Hetansh

As a young and inquisitive individual, Hetansh is keen to develop his skills, refine his values, create inspiring visions & contribute to the world.
Hetansh values experience, teaching, mentoring & coaching. He believes in Indian saying, “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara” meaning “Teacher is equivalent to God”. For Hetansh, knowledge is supreme.

Hetansh welcomes & requests your support and coaching on any topic that you consider can help him. Some of the immediate topics of his interest are:

  • Investment, Financial Planning.
  • Technology Trends.
  • Social Service - Community Projects.
  • Creating a better world for everyone.
  • Sports - Cricket
  • Mastering Fitness and Health
  • Leadership to academic groups
  • Mastery in academic subjects
  • Food Sciences, Cooking & Nutrition
  • Yoga, Meditation

Join The Game

Participating in sports, games, festivals & events is an important part of our life. Hetansh enjoys sports and invites everyone to join.

You can now participate in online games, virtual games, online sports events, marathon & other programs.

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Be A Friend

Life would be boring without friends. We all need friends who are jovial, helpful and responsible. Hetansh enjoys helping friends and spending time with them on week-ends and holidays. He regularly keeps in touch with all friends and always respects anyone interested in friendship.

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